• Who are we?

We are the MintDoor team!

Taking care of plants is our hobby and running this website is our part-time business.

We are fanatic rose-lovers. In the past years, we planted 30+ varieties of roses in Dublin. Every year add or replace a few roses in the garden, try to find the better rose varieties with good performance in Ireland's climate. At the same time, we planted some indoor plants and started to love to expand rare plants collections. We grow these green beauties in the rear garden and greenhouse, and operate this webshop in spare time. We don't run the physical store at the moment, but we can provide post and collection service from Dublin.  We will try our best to provide beautiful plants and good services. If you have any questions please drop an email to us (mintdoorshop@gmail.com), we will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding.

  • What means Rooted Cutting? Baby Plant? Full Plant?

Rooted Cutting: We took the cuttings from mother plants and propagated them for a while, all cuttings will come with developed healthy roots. But it still needs more careful care.

Baby Plant: Normally we grow it from a wetstick, it looks small but it is an established plant. All you need is patience.

Full Plant: As the name suggests, it is a healthy mature plant. All Plants Sold in the Soil.

    • Can I collect my plants? Where? When?

    Sorry we cannot provide collection service on webshop. If you hope can pick-up your order by yourself from Dublin 7, please contact us to arrange collection time.

      • When will my order be delivered?

      If your order contains live plants, your parcel will be delivered on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

      Accessories orders will be posted in 2 business days.

        • Can I pre-order?

        No. We only sell listed products, cannot accept pre-order and reservation.

        • Can you ship internationally?

        Yes, but only in EU. If you country isn't included in shipping list, please contact us.

          • I am not happy with my plants, what should I do?

          If your plants are damaged or you change your mind, please immediately contact us in 24 hours. We can arrange a return or refund for you. Details can be found in our Refund Policy.