Moss Pole is not only the Supporter

Firstly long story short: Moss pole can help plants grow larger leaves.

moss pole 1

These are two same varieties Pothos. If you have enough space, you can train it on a moss pole and get a large size houseplant. Or grow Pothos as a trailing plant in small room. But if only a supporter is provided, you will find the leaves getting smaller and smaller. Because over a certain heigh, soil roots cannot provide enough nourishment to new leaves.

What plants need a moss pole?

The simplest verification feature is aerial roots cannot easily headlong into soil.

Monstera Thai Constellation is cultivar "Monstera Deliciosa", it is a very large climber in rainforest, but in our house it is hard to grow to that size. Maybe you have already found that Thai Constellation's aerial roots all are close to the soil surface, so a pole is not needed. However most Monstera Albo Variegata are "Monstera deliciosa f. borsigiana", a faster-growing climbing form of the classic M. deliciosa plant. The moss pole is necessary for Albo Variegata even from a young age.

moss pole 4

What kind of moss pole do you need?

The most recommended is Coco Coir Pole, it is environmentally friendly and can support the growth of plants, for vines with adventitious roots, provide extra nutrients to plants. And for some plants including aroids, the contact between aerial roots and the moss pole can trigger the development of larger, more mature leaves.

Or you can DIY a Sphagnum Moss pole for your plants. The materials you need are: PVC pipe or garden stakes , gutter guardsSphagnum Moss and zip ties. If you hope your moss pole is self-watered, the cotton wick cord is needed as well.

moss pole 2

Keeping the pole moist can encourage plants to take aerial roots into.

In addition, for future propagation, the moss pole is equivalent to the air layering setting. When plants get lush roots in Sphagnum Moss, cuttings do not need rooting in water or other substrate, which can improve the survival rate significantly.




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